On Democrats in 2016

I’m not 100% opposed to a Democrat as president of the country. After all, Harry Truman wasn’t too bad, and Kennedy had some pretty good ideas. My problem with the two candidates this year is that neither of them are fit to lead the country.

On Hillary — She only gains support by fostering divisiveness at every turn. She’s always promoting the war on women, or the war on blacks, or claiming Republicans are her biggest enemies. Republicans? US citizens? Not ISIS? Not Russia? Not other terrorist organizations. No one that divisive should run the country. She would have fit in great back in the late 60’s when the country was burning itself down every few weeks. Who wouldn’t want to see a Nixon vs Clinton debate???

On Bernie — Do I seriously even need to explain why this is a terrible idea? We are a democracy, not a socialist nation. Even the craziest Democrats I’ve heard over the years aren’t as ridiculously radical as this man. Don’t be fooled by the term Democratic Socialism. The Democratic is put there to pacify the liberals with half a grain of common sense who know Socialism is the systemic enemy of our country’s foundation.

Let us not forget, Vladimir Lenin once said, “The goal of Socialism is Communism.” Anyone that doubts the true goals of Sanders and socialists alike are living in a dream world. Can anyone show me a socialist country that has thriving industry, trade, education, and a national debt not subsidized by international loans?

Socialists are like children. Children get food, clothing, shelter, and education, and a plethora of extras from their parents. Children assume this stuff just appears out of thin air, not aware or concerned with the hard working parents that go out every day and earn these things for their kids. Socialists supporters seem to believe that we can just provide millions of people with free things whenever and where ever they are needed. Nothing is free. Someone, somewhere, paid for it.

I could rant on Socialism and Bernie all day, but to get back to my main point, Democrat or Republican, if there’s a candidate that supports free markets, smaller government, a strong national defense, isn’t an apologist for America or capitalism, doesn’t impose religious rules or religious censorship on American people, and will not propose a new law every time someone gets their feelings hurt, then I’m all for them.

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