Our Day In Court

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It’s no secret that I am in the middle of a motion to change custody of my daughter Laila, and my son Lincoln from their mother to myself. If anything is certain, it is that I would never enter in to a feud of this nature lightly. Filing a legal motion to publically declare someone incapable of giving their own children what they need is nothing I would ever take lightly. Their mother and I formerly shared a life, goals, and common dreams. For whatever the reason or reasons, times changed, and our lives have gone in very different directions.

With that said, I am fully committed to the path I have set upon. I did not file this motion to scare anyone, or to irritate anyone, or to accomplish any other goal, other than the goal to provide the best life I can possibly provide for these two children.

As I testified in court, I believe I owe Laila stability in her life. I believe Lincoln deserves to be around everyone he has grown to know and love as his family. Biological links are not the defining factor, when it comes to who you love and who your family is. I intend to fight just as hard for Lincoln, as I do for Laila.

Concerning the court date on 10/14. This was the court’s motion day. This was not a day set aside solely for our case. We had an hour to present as much of our case as possible. Unfortunately, we ran out of time and did not complete the presentation. We will be returning to court on 01/21/2016. This is farther out than what I would prefer, but I will take every opportunity to get this resolved that is presented to me.

So what happened in court? Unfortunately, we had to drop Lincoln from the motion, due to other parties, who have a stake in Lincoln’s future, not being present. My lawyer and I are working on taking care of this loose end.

Their mother was questioned by my lawyer, and I was in the middle of being questioned on the stand by my lawyer, when we ran out of time.

In the meantime, I will take advantage of every opportunity to see my two beautiful children that I get. My lawyer and I will continue to put together everything we need to ensure victory in our endeavor.

I want to close by giving thanks where it is due. The biggest supporter I have had throughout this entire process has been from Jessica Silverman. She has taken this burden on as her own, and she has treated me and my children no differently or less passionately than she does her own beautiful daughters. Having her in m corner has made this easier to endure.

I want to thank my lawyer, Jami Crews, and everyone at the Crews Grady Lawfirm in Vicksburg, MS. She and her staff have worked very hard and effectively to make sure this case has the best chance of winning possible. We aren’t done, but I appreciate everything she and her staff have accomplished to date.

A special thanks to the donors on GoFundMe for donating to the legal fees. It’s no secret that legal series are not cheap. You get what you pay for. I will spend every dime I can find if it means a better life for my children. To the donors, you know who you are, and I thank you immensely.

A special thanks to my little sister, Jessica Lynn Slade, for taking time out of her work day, sacrificing a day’s wages, to show up and support us in court.

Finally, thank you to all of you out there, friends and family alike, that have shown support through calls, texts, and social media for me and my family. It’s awesome to have such good and supportive people in my corner.

Keep the faith, and hopefully, this journey will be over by January.

Until next time, be good, and be good to each other.

– G – 10/15/2015 – Covington, LA

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