Growth from Purge

I’d like to think I could go through life not regretting past decisions. This, however, does not mean that I cannot learn from mistakes, grow as a person, and emerge as something more mature, intellectual, responsible, properly cautious, properly adventurous, patient and principled.

My late teens and nearly all of my twenties were spent believing in one thing but doing another. I look back, and I think of so many times that I made decisions that were contrary to the principles that I claimed to believe. Of course, not all of my decisions were bad, and not all of my experiences were unwanted or void of fun and adventure. I do feel,however, that I wasted much time. Lately, wasting time has been the thing that I find myself pondering over and over again.

I do not want to continue to waste the time I have in my life. Whether I live to be one hundred or do not live to see 34, I want to feel like I am constantly growing, on the inside as a person, and outwardly as a neighbor to all I encounter.

Part of trying to improve the present and the future is cleaning up the past. Obviously, I cannot undo anything, but I can clean up certain messes. Part of my recent steps to clean up a few old messes is to purge unwanted or obsolete connections on social media. I have manage to purge my list of facebook connections from over 300 to less than 150.

Another, and more significant step, at least for me, is that I have discontinued my bandcamp and youtube page. Although it was a fun ride to produce and share my music over the last 7 years, I cannot say I am extremely pleased with how its content reflects on the type of person that I want to be and become. I still love music, and I will likely keep making music for others; however, I have no plans to record any new vocals. I do not wish to be judged based on the reactive and aggressive outpourings of a young, ambitious, and sometimes hurting and hurtful man’s verbal tirades.

In regard to not wasting time, there are several things that I would like to do with my life. Most of which would be a challenge as a standalone project and nearly impossible to do while trying to split focus on other tasks. My priority in the short term is to prioritize the things I want to do with my life. I need to focus my attention and dedicate myself to accomplishing something real and substantial.

Thanks for reading.

Best of luck to all of you! Be good to each other!

– G – 08/10/2015 – Covington, LA

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