Welcome to GSLADE.COM and thanks for stopping by. I have had several websites over the years, and each one has seemed to have a different purpose. This one will be a fluid site. By that, I meant that I have no idea what the end game of my site is going to be. I wanted to get the ball rolling and see where it stopped though.

I have been known for posting independent rap songs over the last few years, and I have also written lyrics for other singers. I am shifting my focus to academia, creative writing, music production, and possibly an occasional editorial.

These days I steer clear of heated political debates; I do not follow the news or world events. I watch much less sports than I used to. I spend my time these days reading economics, history, philosophy, psychology, biographies, and religious texts as often as I can. I am now a remote project manager for a technology firm based out of Australia and Las Vegas in the U.S.

I have recently moved from Mississippi to Louisiana to live with Jessica, my first serious relationship, since my second marriage ended in January of 2012.

I have no expectations of large or regular readerships of my blog/journal/posts. If you are indeed reading this, I thank you, and I hope to keep you interested.

Til next time, I will spend some time adjusting the look and feel of the site. Don’t be surprised if you come back to see a completely different look.

Be good to each other, and stay optimistic.

– G – 08/07/2015 – Covington, LA

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